Registered Nurse

Educational and Experience Required:

Current Massachusetts licensure as Registered Nurse with two years experience working with disabled/elderly adults in a community setting.


The Registered Nurse evaluates and assesses the general health functioning of all GAFC members and designs and revises the care plan for each member. The GAFC Registered Nurse and GAFC Case Manager work together as a professional team to ensure an effective and quality oriented GAFC program for all members.


  • Evaluation of potential members;
  • Contact with members primary care physician to obtain medical information and physician clearance;
  • Completion of the medical components of the member’s assessment forms;
  • Monitoring of the members health status and completion of semi-annual member health status report and patient care plan;
  • Visits patient on regular basis.
  • Review and supervision of personal care services at least every sixty (60) days.
  • Educate all staff on related health issues
  • Communicates health condition of member to the Case Manager
  • Implements established policies and procedures
  • Record observations and functioning status of member in resident GAFC file
  • Planning, implementing, and evaluation of foster care setting
  • Provision of case management